Monday, October 6, 2008

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan, also known as Tianwang buxin teapills , is a Chinese classic herbal formula. It is commonly made into Chinese patent medicine.


There are about 9 common variations using the same name . One such formula is found in Volume 6 of "Revised Fine Formulas for Women" by Bi Li-zhai .

The formula was created by Hóng Jī . It was published in "Secret Investigations into Obtaining Life" in 1638.

There are many variations of the formula proportions. Each maker of Chinese patent medicine changes the proportions of the herbs slightly. Some herbs may be changed also. For example, may be replaced with . The original formula also contained zhū shā , which is by the in the . It is usually substituted with another herb or omitted entirely.

Chinese classic herbal formula


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