Monday, October 6, 2008

Spleen (TCM)

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine , a spleen or Pi is distinct from the western or modern medicine. It is more a way to describing a set of interrelated parts than an anatomical , each organ cannot be explained fully unless its relationship and homeostasis with the other organs is understood. TCM also looks at the functions of the organs rather than fixed areas and, therefore, describes different organs that are not actually physical.

In the Zang-fu concept

As a "Zang" of the Zang-fu viscera, spleen is one of the Yin organs. It is the origin of blood, rules transformation and transportation. The spleen extracts essences from food and which later becomes Qi and blood . It directs the ascending movement, prevents extravasations of blood, and dominates muscles. The spleen assists with water metabolism, opens into the mouth and is manifest on the lips. It also houses the Yi . The peak energy time for the Spleen is 9-11am. The fluid secretion is saliva.

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